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The highest excellence is like that of water. The excellence of water appears in its benefiting all things, and in its occupying, without striving the low place which all men dislike. Hence its way is near to that of the Tao.

The Tao Te Ching, Chapter 8.1

Above all the ancient Taoists were scientists. Taoists believed that wisdom came from accumulated knowledge subjected to scrutiny and deeper and deeper questioning. The Taoists had a purpose and a morality to their questioning and search for wisdom. They sought immortality and immunity from disease of all kinds. Very early in the ancient writings they realized that one of the keys to immortality was to hold themselves to higher ethical and moral standards. Only in the path of righteousness would it be possible to realize their goals. Unlike western religions, the Taoists were not inclined to lead a righteous life because they feared retribution from a vengeful god, but because it was the best way to achieve what they wanted to achieve. The choice is always presented in a way that acknowledges the full responsibility of the individual for what he does in the world. All aspects of life and living came under their scrutiny so it is not surprising that at some point they would turn their attention to sex.

We in 20th century North America have much to learn from these ancient scientists, not the least of which is that science needs a morality and a purpose. Science for Science's sake is a very convenient way to absolve oneself of personal responsibility for what you create and unleash upon the world.



In a day when, according to some statistics, 80% of the internet is given over to 'porn sites', when pornographic material is available at the local 7-11, and allegations of all kinds of sexual misconduct ruin lives and break up families every day. It is hardly worth stating that North America, and the United States in particular is very much disoriented about sex.

The ancient Taoists, probably would not bother to render a judgment on this situation. Any human activity is legitimate and to be learned from. There is no right way or wrong way to do sex. But there is a purposeful way that brings wealth, prosperity, healing and a life well lived and other ways that often bring guilt, anger, fear, disease, dissipation, and hardship. There is always the choice.

It will take many more pages to even begin to appreciate the Taoist views of sexual magic and alchemy, but I will begin with a few observations.

At the core of Taoist sexual practice is the desire to achieve practical immortality and immunity from disease. Intense pleasure and spiritualization of the body came as interesting side effects. The Taoists, were alchemists, seeking the secrets of transmutation. Like their western counterparts, they saw the epitome of transmutation in transforming lead into gold, and transforming living flesh into immortal essence. By many accounts some were successful, and records exist that attest to this. Of their many secrets, sexual magic and alchemy is one that aims directly at the spiritualization and ultimate immortality of the body. Sexual practice is one that allows one to experience directly the frequency of creation. A frequency most believe is the exclusive preserve of the Divine.

To achieve immortality, it makes perfect sense to associate as closely with it as possible. Sexual energy aims at fortifying the body to such a degree that it is invulnerable to invasion of any kind of disease, or the development of any kind of internal disharmony that would lead to disease.

This means that the Taoist diligently maintains internal balance and harmony, at all levels.

The Taoists also approached sex on different levels. At the physical level, sexual activity can have an intense healing effect if one is having difficulties. At the emotional level, sexual praying can calm the emotions and the mind and create a peaceful state within which to solve problems and create better circumstances. At the spiritual level, it is thought that certain sexual rituals can even 'spiritualize' the body, which is a body unbound by time and space.

The point of sexual practice is to preserve and enhance Qi in the physical body, particularly Yuan or Original Qi, which is the store of Qi one is born with. Yuan Qi is the specific essence that links our Ethereal Soul with the Universal soul. Yuan Qi is said to reside in the Kidney organ system, of which the genitalia are a part.

Specific practices include the man withholding ejaculation. It is thought that semen contains a man's physical essence. Semen is pure Yin in nature. This means it is purely nourishing at all levels. Depletion of Kidney Qi is the Taoist definition of death.

Taoist exercises aim at strengthening prostate and other muscles of the anus and genitalia so that a man can separate orgasm from ejaculation.

Women also do similar exercises to strengthen vaginal and anal muscles. Since it is thought that women lose their essence through menstruation and childbirth, these exercises ultimately result in the cessation of menstruation altogether.

Sexually, women are encouraged to orgasm as much as they desire. In Taoist sexual magic, the theory is that there is an exchange of Qi between the partners, but since it is the woman who is energized, the man is able to draw on that Yin energy for health and other benefits.

It is therefore in the man's best interest to be at service to the woman's orgasmic pleasure. This requires a great deal of information exchange between partners. The woman's orgasm consists of 9 separate stages, while the man's is only 4. In fact, orgasm in the woman is the 4th stage, same as the man's. After orgasm, the woman goes through 5 more stages of higher and higher frequencies. more..

These are important stages in the orgasm experience as they take the sex act from one focused only in the body into higher realms of frequency. This takes sexual activity out of the realm of animal urges and release into the human search for spiritualization.

For partners, this takes them into a state of bliss which some call 'true love'. In practice, this is a state of being far beyond the hormone induced state of temporary insanity that passes for romantic love in present day society.

As well, Taoist approach sex as a highly effective healing activity. Modern science has identified hormones like Pheromones, and Endorphins, which not only have healing properties hundreds of times more effective than any drug or herb, in an otherwise healthy body these hormones provoke intense pleasure, and fortify and energize. See the next page for the stages of orgasm.

Below are the 9 general healing positions of sexual intercourse recommended for everyone as a general practice. In the Taoist way, these are to be done in sets of 6 to promote Yin and sets of 9 to promote Yang, or alternating to promote balance.

As well, in thrusting and rocking maneuvers, these are to be done in sets of 6 or 9 for full effect. But don't worry if you lose count, with practice this becomes second nature. In Typical Chinese fashion, sexual positions are drawn from observing nature. Not only are the positions visually reminiscent of their natural namesakes, but adopting the character of each is encouraged. For example, in the Turtle position, it is helpful to pretend you are actually a Turtle. This is not only fun, it helps one to understand the the diversity of nature and the possibilities of being Human. When doing the Dragon, try to remember that Chinese Dragons are much more compassionate than their western cousins.


So, here they are.

* Recommended Reading; Tao of Sexology by Dr. Stephen Chang

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9. Tiger Sex


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