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Without going outside his door, one understands all that takes place under the sky; without looking out from his window one sees the Tao of Heaven. The farther that one goes out from himself the less he knows.

Tao Te Ching - Chapter 47



It has long been known that certain foods will increase one's sexual appetite and/or prowess. James Bond's fondness for oysters, (and other shell fish) for example is grounded in scientific fact. There are many nutrients in shell fish that target the sexual organs directly. Caution, of course, must be exercised by those with allergies to shellfish.

Lotus seeds are a well known aphrodisiac for both men and women, and particularly benefit the prostate gland.

Magnolia bark revitalizes the Uterus.

Pumpkin seeds, long known as a treatment for parasites, also benefit and strengthen the Prostate.

Cucumbers are good for the sexual organs, as well as serving as a cleanser for the whole body.

Ginseng, has so many healing and strengthening properties it is called 'Panacea', in Chinese. Use caution with this herb though, as it is so powerful, it must be mixed with other herbs in a decoction for best effect. Taking Ginseng by itself is not usually recommended.

Lamb is known as the hottest of meats. It generates 'fire'. Diets rich in Lamb meat produce excitable people with inordinately strong sexual desire.

Taoist sexual ideas are well represented in Traditional Chinese Medicine and TCM herbologists have a full menu of herbs and herbal decoctions for strengthening sexual desire and prowess in men and women. Everything from bull penises (ground up and taken in a decoction), to Rhinoceros horn, to the gall bladders of the Black Bear, and certain snake skins are used for this purpose.

Note; since the Rhinoceros is an endangered species, deer or elk horns are now substituted.

As well, the Black Bear population is being decimated in North American and Canada, by poachers after this precious organ, so I am not recommending this.

Vitamin E in doses of 400 - 800 milligrams, or larger can stimulate the sexual glands. Vitamin E is also a powerful anti-oxidant so it has the added benefit of cleansing the whole body.

On the whole, the Taoist approach to diet for sexual reasons is the same as for health and healing reasons. Eat well. Exercise often. A healthy and well nourished body is the most capable of having satisfying sex, without the need for artificial or herbal stimulants.

The Rectum

Whether one uses the Rectum for sex or not, in the Taoist way, it is important to keep this part of the anatomy clean. Taoists are fairly obsessive about cleanliness and guarding against the transmission of germs. Since the Rectum is so close to the genitals, particularly in women, the risk of infection is actually quite high.

In women, all kinds of vaginal and uterine problems may be dealt with by regularly cleansing the rectum.

Daily cleansing of the Rectum, as one would brush one's teeth is highly recommended. The Rectum should be odourless. It must be tight. It must be clean with no traces at all of fecal matter. It must be warm. It must be flexible.

When cleansing the rectum do not use commercially available soaps or cleansers as these contain harsh chemicals. The soft inner lining of the Rectum, like the mouth, readily absorbs whatever is put into it. Better to use herbal or natural cleansing agents. A folk remedy is to insert a piece of lean beef into the rectum to train it, clean it, and heal cuts and abrasions.

One of the 'secret' Taoist practices is called "Sun Worship." In this exercise, one presents one's rectum to the Sun. Sunlight has many good healng and energizing properties. A variation on this exercise is to present the rectum to the Moon, to promote and energize Yin. Women especially, are encouraged to this practice at the beginning of their monthly menstrual cycle. The 'Moon' exercise is thought to promote fertility among other Yin qualities.

Oral Sex

Oral sex is not usually recommended in Taoist sexual practice, unless the mouth and the genitalia are cleansed thoroughly to diminish the risk of transmitting germs. It is well known that the human mouth has actually more germs and bacteria than animals. Kissing on the lips, both above and below, seems like a very dirty business to the Taoist mind, but one can do it if the above mentioned precautions are taken.


While homosexuality is not condemned by Taoist principals, gay men and women ought to take precautions. In the Taoist view, the man is mostly Yang in nature, while the woman is mostly Yin. For balance in the Universe, Yang and Yin belong together as each needs the other for balance. Homosexual relationships are by definition unbalanced as one of the components is already missing. According to Taoist thinking, this creates a susceptibility to many diseases.

In male to male relationships, Yang fortifies and energizes Yang, resulting in a supercharged sexual energy. This encourages frequent ejaculation, very often promiscuity, and often emotional and mental imbalances. It is no accident that highly creative people, which are seen as extreme Yang individuals, tend to be not only homosexual, but susceptible to all kinds of mental and emotional disorders.

Female to Female relationships tend to result in the opposite. Since women are mostly Yin, that is receiving, and passive, an imbalance is created the other way. Without the Yang of the male for balance, gay women eventually lose interest in sex, courage and will may diminish, and again, they may become susceptible to disease, as the Yang of the male is absent to fortify the immune system. This by the way, also applies to heterosexual women who abstain from sex. Again, Taoist thought does not judge, but recommends that gay women be conscious of the need for more Yang energy in their lives, as it recommends that gay men be conscious of having more Yin in their lives.

STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

While Taoism considers sexually transmitted disease as proof, neither of sin, nor of punishment from some pissed off Diety, it does consider them proof of abuse of the essential sacredness of a natural part of being human. Typically, though, there is no judgment attached to this observation. Disease is a learning experience, and proof of being human.

Disease is indicative of an imbalance of Yin and Yang, not only at the physical level, but at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well. The Taoist response is to take whatever steps are necessary to get back into balance, as often as not taking a full body approach. Concentrating on one part of the body at the expense of the rest of the body is more likely to make things worse.

Of course, the Taoist approach is always preventative. It is considered a waste of resources and energy to respond to disease after the fact. It is always better to take preventative measures beforehand.

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